Sunday 4 November 2012

Cover your ASSets

Cover your ASSets

Welcome back to an AWESOME approach to MORTGAGES.  We have missed you. 

If you didn’t already know, I recently got married and went on a wonderful honeymoon.  We traveled Eastern Europe and saw some amazing sights and met some brilliant people. 

During the process of preparing for the wedding, there were some very important things we needed to address.  We chose the menu for the dinners, the cake, the flowers, the seating arrangements for the tables, etc.  But there were a couple of fundamental things we addressed to protect ourselves before we got married…

  1. We reviewed our life insurance, critical illness and living benefit policies
  2. We created a will to protect our families and ourselves if anything were to happen to us.

Some might not think this to be very romantic, but it is necessary.  We had a great experience creating our will and our lawyer made it tremendously easy for us.  This process was seamless and we are more than happy with the result.  Our will is in a safe place and we have informed our loved ones the location of our will. 

Whether you have just recently secured a mortgage, renewing soon or have paid off your mortgage.  Please review your financial plan and your insurance needs.  There are many stages in life that you need to have proper insurance and adjust your financial plan.  In life, it is my goal to protect my beautiful wife, in the case that I am no longer around. I want her to be in a great position where she doesn’t have to worry about money and concentrate on erected a statue of me.

The bottom line is to get someone to look at these items for you!  I have some brilliant people I work with who will help guide you through the process and deliver relevant, realistic advice.

Please let me know when you would like me to introduce you to the professionals I use to take care of the important things!

As always, wishing you all my best!

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