Monday 2 July 2012

Banks or Brokers...The Truth

Banks or Brokers… The Truth

People often shop for the best rates on car insurance and clip coupons for a 50cent discount on crunchy peanut butter.  I’ve heard of people spending an entire morning leafing through flyers to find the best deals.

But more often than not, people settle on just one opinion on a mortgage that they may spend up to 40% OF THEIR MONTHLY EARNINGS ON…

- REALLY?  Why shop around something that could possibly save you LITTLE MONEY in the short term and not shop around something that could save you A LOT OF MONEY in the long run? 

The banks do what they do very well.  That is why they show massive increases year after year.  I know this because I started my mortgage career with the banks.  I know how they operate and what they have to offer. This brings me to my next question…


No matter which bank or credit union you choose, they all have limited options and ultimately, limited rates.


Focus - As a Broker, I deal with Mortgages and Homeowner lines of credit.  I will not try to sell you a visa, RSP or TFSA (Not that I don’t believe in them), but I concentrate on getting you the best mortgage.

Experience – I have a vested interest in your experience!  When I do a great job for you, you will hopefully tell your friends, family and co-workers.  This is how my business grows.

Choice – As a Broker, we have the ability to shop your mortgage around for you.  We have access to Major banks, credit unions, MBS’ (mortgage backed security companies), “B” lenders and private money.  We have the most flexible options available to you.

Service – As a broker, I can be reached after regular business hours.  Just call me on my cell phone, email me, text me, Tweet or Facebook me. 

Savings – We get daily notices of special rate offers.  Our lenders like to reward our clients with special rate discounts.  We get to pass this savings on to our loyal clients.

Personality – Try me out, you’ll see what my clients are talking about!

So in closing, let me save you money, offer you great choices, be available to you, and show you a great time while delivering it all!

And if you don’t like that, there is always the bank…

If you enjoy the contents of this blog or know of someone who could benefit from the type of service I provide, please forward this to them.  I truly appreciate your time!

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