Monday 29 July 2013

Where are you getting your mortgage advice?

Where are you getting your mortgage advice?

When it comes to making decisions about lender, term, amortization, rate and what kind of mortgage is best for your situation; who is advising you?  Where are you getting your advice?  Who are you getting your advice from?

There are so many sources of information that are readily available at the push of a button.  When it comes to making important decisions about your financial future, you deserve the best advice.  You can find advice from websites, friends, family and other organizations. 

Specifically, when it comes to your mortgage, who can you trust?  Who is looking out for your best interest?

Many institutions make a significant profit from lending money to people.  Whether it is credit card, automobile, student loans, lines of credit, RSP loans or mortgages, many institutions want you to be in debt.  That is the very nature of their business.  As a mortgage agent, my view is very different.  Our goal is to ensure you have a great experience so that you tell everyone you know about us.  That is how we grow our business.   My goal is to deliver the best advice and product to you, not to keep in you in debt to reach targets or maximize the profit for the organization I work for. 

Some things to consider when choosing who you are going to accept advice from about one of the largest investments you will make in your life:

What are their qualifications? 
Are they licensed to give you mortgage advice?
How much experience do they have?
Have they ever had a mortgage or purchased a home?
Do they have access to many types of mortgages and mortgage solutions?

Over the last 8 years I have worked in the mortgage industry.  I started my career as a Mortgage Specialist with a large Canadian bank. After 2 and-a-half years I moved to another bank thinking that they would have better solutions for my friends, family, neighbours and clients.  After finding much success, I was introduced to an influential Mortgage Broker in London.  After many conversations I realized that becoming a Mortgage Agent gave me the ability to deliver the best options for the clients that I had already had helped and any client that I would help in the future.  After 8 years and after closing several hundred mortgages, I can confidently say that I can deliver you the best advice, products and service available in the industry. 

Experience is key when giving advice.  On top of helping hundreds of people across the country with the purchase of their homes, renewals, cottages, investment properties, stores, restructuring their debt, borrowing to invest, saving them from bankruptcy, I have also purchased homes.  I have bought and sold houses, so I know the processes and what to expect.

At Mortgage Wise, we have access to many lenders that provide multiple solutions that can be used to create a customized solution for any of your mortgage lending needs.

Thanks again for visiting an AWESOME approach to MORTGAGES.

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