Thursday 27 February 2014

The Power of Yes

One of the many wonderful things about being a mortgage broker is the ability to say yes to more people.   Whether you have great credit, bruised credit or hardly any credit, we have more options for our clients.  We deal with companies that specialize in helping those with challenged credit histories.  For people that have catastrophic credit histories, we do have access to funding through private lending.  This is not a solution for all people, but is a wonderful tool to use when it makes sense.

The fact of the matter is; every client is different.  Not everyone has great credit, a salaried position with a large company and a significant down payment.  That is why it so important to have options.  We work with several ‘A’ lenders that have strict guidelines for approval.  We work with ‘B’ lenders that are more flexible and finally, we work with private lenders that will lend money based on the equity in the property. 

The bottom line is that we have several options for almost everybody.  We love saying ‘yes!’  Here is a list of ways we can help you and the people that you know:

Purchases                        Refinances                      Homeowner Lines of Credit
New Builds                     Renewals                        Investment Properties
Relocations                     Pre-Approvals                Cottages and Secondary Properties
Land Purchases               Commercial                   Mixed Use Residential Buildings
Zero Down                      New to Canada              Divorce and Separation Buy Outs

We can help out with almost every real estate transaction.

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